Xymbology - the symbology mapping service of choice

Xymbology cross-vendor symbology mapping data feeds, enable the seamless on-boarding and management of new and existing clients, who may use differing technologies for market data, order execution and trade management.


Xymbology feeds allow orders from client platforms to be instantly mapped into clearing, settlement, portfolio and regulatory reporting management systems. 


As an independent business with an industry neutral position, which is a strength that encourages multi-vendor participation in this specialist area of symbol mapping. This makes our Xymbology service the leading smart data feed of instrument data enriched with root or trade series level symbols, mapped to key market data and back office vendor identifiers.  


Key Features

  • Over 20 distinct symbologies 

  • Dynamically track open positions  

  • Resolve symbols affecting trade breaks

  • Get real-time prices from alternative sources 

  • Customisable, specific data feeds 


  • Multi-vendor system interoperability

  •  Improve operational efficiency 

  • Symbology capability wins new business 

  • Reduce processing costs 

  • Produce enriched client reports 

Access to Xymbology by:

  • Instant online access through ViewXone. No more crawling accross a multitude of resources to find what you need. Just log in and look up

  • Data Feeds

  • API - Request, retrieve and integrate the data you need into your trading systems, workflows and applications

  • Chat Apps & Bot (Teams, Slack, Symphony, OpenFin) - Internal and external data sharing on collaborative messaging platforms, powerfully connecting multi-party users accross an enterprise and between counter-parties

  • Excel Add-in - Quickly resolve trade breaks and trade flow processing issues, with it's integrated workflow and collaborative sharing capabilities


Trusted by


" We use Euromoney TRADEDATA to provide an extra layer of consistency for the important fields so we don't have to go to multiple providers and suffer integration and technical headaches getting a field from hundreds of different places when we can get it all normalised through a consolidator like Euromoney TRADEDATA. It's particular to the futures industry and it's quite niche requirement. Additionally, we use Euromoney TRADEDATA to get some data about Bloomberg and their instrument identifiers which is again quite a niche requirement in relation to futures.”